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Is the Alarado Biscuit Company right for you?

Being an Alarado Biscuit Company franchisee means owning and operating your own business with the power of a strong brand behind you.
It’s like being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


About us

The Alarado Biscuit Company is a Breakfast themed food trailer company, based out of Grand Junction, Colorado.  It began in March of 2019 under the name The Buttered Biscuit. It rebranded in 2021 to the Alarado Biscuit Company name.

The Alarado Biscuit Company was developed with the idea to provide a unique breakfast experience with reasonable prices, while maintaining the flexibility that a brick and mortar does not offer.  After acquiring our initial trailer in 2019, we quickly realized the demand for our idea and product was there, and within 6 months had our 2nd trailer on order!   Our trailers are custom built from the ground up and totally self-contained; thus, not requiring us to maintain a commissary for our supplies.

We currently have 2 units: one is set-up at a permanent location outside of the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, CO between Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dillard’s.  Our second unit is our mobile unit which we use for various events.  Our mobile unit provides us with the flexibility to be out and about to maximize brand awareness.

We are looking for hard working, dedicated and visionary individuals.  The business model we have created has proven that those 3 things are a recipe for success.

Our most popular items currently are chicken and waffles, breakfast burritos, our chicken and biscuit sandwich with our handmade honey butter and our homemade biscuits and gravy. All our items are made to order with minimal wait time, under 5 minutes. We are always looking to add unique and popular items.

Our goal is to provide our franchisees with a proven business model, and the support they need to help make their territory successful yet give them the flexibility to put their mark on their territory. It’s really that simple!


This changes quickly! Currently, we are seeking Franchisees in the Colorado market. If you would like to be placed on our list for markets outside of Colorado, please complete the information below and we’ll let you know just as soon as they are available!

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Item 7 Investment – Franchise Disclosure Document  Low  High
Franchise Fee  $            45,000  $            45,000
3 Months Lease  $              2,000  $              4,000
Event Fees  $                   50  $                 200
Food Trailer  $            75,000  $            75,000
Opening Advertising  $                    –  $              2,500
Initial Training  $              2,000  $              4,000
Bus. Licenses & Permits  $                 500  $              1,500
Computer  $              1,000  $              2,000
Signage  $                    –  $              1,000
Insurance  $              1,000  $              2,000
Misc  $              2,000  $              6,000
Additional Working Capital  $            30,000  $            60,000
Total  $          158,550  $          203,200
Financial, personal and geographic requirements    
Net Worth  $          300,000  
Liquid Assets  $            75,000  
Credit Score  $                 800  
New franchisees must have their primary residence in the open geographic market where they intend to develop their ABC business.    


We can help! We have long-standing relationships with key lenders.  There are multiple third-party financing options you can choose from, including small business loans.

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